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Mass volume requires mass support

We've got you covered

Higher revenue businesses are more likely to be audited

Make sure you're prepared


What Included?

Budgeting & Forecasting

Get realistic estimates of how much revenue you will have and what expenses are to come.

5, 30-minute Consults

Need to talk to your CPA more in-depth? Utilize 5, 30 minute consultations throughout the year.

Advice and Research

Have a general question on your finances? We'll conduct the research and get you a qualified answer.

5 Collection Letters Per Year

With $85 charge per additional letter

Financial Document Review

10 financial business documents (up to 10 pages each) reviewed each year (max 3 per month) with additional documents at $85 each.

25% Discount on CPA Services Outside of Benefits

Should you be audited or investigated by the IRS, your CPA will guide you. Limitations on hours do apply.

Save 10%